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The Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease with a Commentary and Vignettes

November 7, 2011

Reports of progress in Alzheimer’s disease have been disappointing. No significant breakthroughs have ben reported for treatment or preventionof Alzheimer’s (AD). Diet, exercise, mental gymnastics, social activities and other advised activities have not shown any benefit.
Frequent interviews with scientists also fail to report any breakthroughs. Both Dr.Jonathan Haines and Dr, Rudolph Tanzi from Harvard and MGH report that it will take another 10-15 years to understand how genes interact with each other.
The EPA has been in court for two years over air pollution law suits and does not have the money or personnel to carry out supervision of reservoir water for Helicobacter pylori.(HP) Water pollution with HP is the source of human infection worldwide and is the cause of AD. AD is not caused by heredity,aging or misfolded genes. AD is also not caused by kissing, hugging, fecal-oral infection,dental plaques or lack of mental or physical exercise. It is communal and familial drinking of polluted water that creates the illusion that heredity is the cause of AD. Heredity related AD is rare.
Ad results from amyloid deposits in the brain. The amyloid is produced when a chronic infection exists . The infection stimulates genes to make bits of protein which after traveling in the blood stream congregate around neurons at the base of the brain causing neuron dysfunction and AD.
It is well accepted that HP is the cause of gastritis, peptic ulcers and cancer of the stomach. It is the chronic infectious gastritis mostly without symptoms that is the usual chronic infection which triggers amyloid production. HP{ infectin can be diagnosed with an antibody blood test, a breathing test and a biopsy by gastroscopy if necessary.
STudies from Penn. STate, MIT, and the EPA have documented tnhat about 65% of drinking water sources are infected with HP. Migratory water birds are the source. They produce about one pound of droppings into the water or shoreline daily. Where the migrating birds congregate, is where the number of D patients are most common.
although there are several companies that manufacture test kits for HP. the EPA has not mandated their use. As a result, none of our reservoir water is tested for HP. The EPA has told me they are short of money and personnel and will not be able to order HP testing for another two years. HP can be eradicated by Chlorine and Chloramine.
The President has recently appointed a 20 man committee with a goal of finding the means of prevention or treatment for AD .within the next ten years. If the President ordered the EPA to order testing and treatment of our water, the end of AD would come into sight.
Three short true vignettes illustrate how HP affects our society while means of prevention are in plain sight for those who can see.
A female age 60 presented with Cancer of the Pancreas. Her brother, a bright college professor died with AD at 50. Both conditions are attributed to HP.
The second involved tnree members of a family. The father died at age 82 with Cancer of the stomach. A daughter age 60 died with cancer of the pancreas, and the third was another daughter with gastric ulcer. All three conditions are attributed to HP infection and probably from drinking water from wells at their summer home.
The third was a manwho bought an old home with a barn on a hill above the house. He came down with a bleeding gastric ulcer and fainted. He was found to be positive for HP and drainage from the abandoned barn was found connected to his well.
It is accepted by all authorities that HP causes gastritis, peptic ulcers, cancer of the stomach and my research indicates that cancer of the pancreas is also caused by HP infection. That will be the subject of another blog.
A recent meeting of the American Socuetyt of Oncology featured calls for begttr research oriented to real and urgent needs of the public. The EPA must be directed to order testing of our water for HP with suitable treatment. We test for E-coli. Why not for HP, produced by droppings from water fowl?


Alzheimer’s: How a worldwide epidemic remains a mystery while hidden in plain sight

August 21, 2011

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Worldwide Epidemic Remains a Mystery While Hidden in Plain SIght!
August 20, 2011,

The cause of this worldwide epidemic remains cloaked in mystery, while affecting the lives of at least 50 million people around the world. Although the disease is widely recognized, its origin is still debated and speculation over the cause is published almost daily in various media, and in peer reviewed medical journals. While the media report almost daily, of newly discovered causes, the real cause, mysteriously, remains disregarded. However, while also remaining in plain sight, in facilities in U.S., are 5 million patients, victims of the epidemic.

Migratory water fowl are the vital key to the mystery of the epidemic; they carry the causative agent (Helicobacter pylori ) in their intestines. Since the dawn of history, man has been fascinated by the disappearance and return of birds. The migratory phenomenon is not unique to birds, it is part of the ongoing evolution of natural forces which affect all species on earth in one way or another. We already know that the transfer of disease between man and nature’s birds and animals cause many serious infectious diseases.

It has taken 29 years for the world to fully appreciate the great discovery of Helicobacter pylori (HP), a Class-1 Carcinogenic bacterium. This bacterium, when ingested from our drinking water is known to cause gastritis, peptic ulcers and gastric cancer, along with several other conditions and diseases. The hidden, but in plain sight mystery, is that HP, when ingested, finds a home in the acid medium of the human stomach and colonizes in the stomach wall, often for life, with minimal symptoms. The colonizing bacteria, who have flagellae, and can move about freely, establish a process resulting in a chronic infectious inflammation in the stomach (gastritis) lining. This in turn initiates a process which stimulates uninfected cells in the stomach walls, to produce amyloid, as a protective reaction.

Amyloid has been known to clinicians for many decades and has long been related to chronic infection or inflammation somewhere in the human body. Amyloid consists of many proteins and is a known product of genes which can produce up to 60 different proteins when stimulated by infection. Once the amyloid cycle begins, tiny bits of protein enter the bloodstream and develop into amyloid when deposited in organs such as liver, spleen, especially kidneys, brain and even into the walls of blood vessels.

The amyloid proteins, formed in response to chronic infection, circulate in the blood stream as tiny droplets (oligomers), transforming into amyloid fibrils and plaques when deposited in brain tissue, becoming the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The accumulation of amyloid takes place over long periods of time, and often results in early Alzheimer’s, not always recognized in patients as young as 40-50 years of age. In lesser developed countries, with a high rate of HP infection, even children as early as age 2 are infected. The presence of HP infection can be detected by an antibody blood test or a breath test, or gastroscopy with biopsy. New methods of PET scanning (x-ray). spinal taps and eye scanning may also be used to find evidence of Alzheimer’s, but much more expensive, and do not provide any more information than the blood or breath tests.

The great mystery of HP infection is that it is simply due to bird droppings into our reservoirs. AD is not due to kissing, hugging, dental plaque, food (rarely), or from brain cell malfunction, or prevented by drinking alcohol, wine , exercise or any other means except clean water. HP in our drinking water water, contaminated by droppings from migratory water fowl, is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. AD is not due to aging, heredity or the myriad of causes reported so often in the media as breakthroughs. HP has been found in water supplies worldwide by University researchers from Penn State University, MIT, research facilities in other countries, as well as the EPA . Migratory water fowl carry HP endemically in their intestines. Their droppings, average one pound a day per goose, into reservoirs and other sources of drinking water, are the cause of human infection. Although HP infection is epidemic and although it is labeled as a Class-1 carcinogen, causing stomach cancer and probably other cancers, the EPA, the government agency that oversees the safety of our drinking water, has not required our drinking water to be be routinely tested for HP pollution.

The key to the mystery of the epidemic is HP. By causing chronic infectious gastritis, usually with minimal or no symptoms, HP infection has eluded detection by physicians. Amyloid is the body’s response to chronic infection. Before 1940, we did not have antibiotics to eradicate infection, and Amyloidosis was a commonly recognized condition with deposits of amyloid appearing in liver, kidneys, spleen, brain and skin.

Unfortunately, there are no medications to free patients from the deadly grip of Alzheimer’s. However, we do have the knowledge to prevent Alzheimer’s by regularly testing and treating our water supplies, for HP. Individuals can elect to have either blood or breath tests to determine if HP infection exists. Regular testing for HP should start at young ages and repeated every few years. Early treatment with antibiotics can possibly halt the production of Amyloid. This approach should prevent Alzheimer’s. It is already underway in Japan, which has been suffering from a very high incidence of Gastric Cancer, a result of HP infection. We must demand government accountability and require EPA to fulfill their mandated responsibilities and carry out regular testing and treatment of our drinking water.

“Clean water has saved more lives than all the pharmaceuticals ever produced”, was written by H.McKinnell, the former CEO of Pfizer who also believes that we need more emphasis on prevention, rather than treatment (published in his book “A Call to Action”). Alzheimer’s, Gastritis, Gastric Cancer and Peptic Ulcers can be prevented. We have many dedicated organizations. They need to clamor for action. The cause of Alzheimer’s is in plain sight, in our reservoirs, ponds and wells.

Written by Sidney W. Rosen MD MPH FACP FACG, based on research done over the past few years Every fact stated in this article is supported by scientifically researched studies from around the world. Alzheimer’s is a worldwide epidemic. and is escalating. We need to use new ideas that are bold and transformative. This article was written for that purpose. Failure to institute preventive measures
to contain this pandemic, will result in an increasing strain on budgets and caregivers in our country as well as worldwide.

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