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How geese threaten human life.

December 31, 2011

People all over the world are living in fear of chronic diseases and even death caused by a virulent bacterium contaminating our water. It appears that most governments do not care or keep this information from the public, or lack the knowledge. It is difficult for people to believe that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) results from drinking water that contains a deadly, carcinogenic bacterium derived from droppings of migratory waterfowl into our reservoirs and even wells. Although our water is better than many lesser developed countries, our EPA still has not seen fit to test or treat the water to prevent a myriad of diseases caused by the Helicobacter pylori(HP) bacteria. Infection rate from our water, averages 20-30 % compared to 80-90% in lesser developed countries. We already have 5.4 million patients with known AD and an estimated 40-50 million patients worldwide. Unless this worldwide epidemic is prevented, these numbers will double in another 7-10 years. The looming financial burden will be more than formidable.

HP has been known to the medical profession since 1982, and Doctors Warren and Marshall from Australia
were awarded the Nobel prize in 1985 for their landmark discovery. Prior to 1982 doctors were taught that bacteria did not exist in the human stomach, which produces acid to aid in digestion of food. Although doctors, do agree now, that most peptic ulcers are caused by the HP bacterium and treat ulcers with antibiotics, fewer physicians are ready to accept that gastric cancers are caused by HP and a few few still dispute the cause of peptic ulcers. We have 5 million ulcer cases per year and over one million cases of ulcer bleedings per year and 25-35,000 stomach cancers per year. All of these are preventable. All people who test positive for HP also have a chronic gastritis, which may or may not have symptoms. It is the chronic infectious gastritis,frequently present, that is the source of Amyloid, the cause of AD.

A large part of the blame for the lack of preventive measures lies with the financial power of big pharmaceutical companies to seduce most of our gene researchers into the study of gene function. There is little if any attention paid to prevention. A drug like Lipitor, 15 billion a year, is the goal. So far no success has been reported. Some of the leading researchers have recently stated that it will be another 10-15 years before they will have enough knowledge of gene function and interaction to begin to sort things out. Recently, even big powerful companies are beginning to reduce their investments in gene research.

It is time that people begin to demand fulfillment of the requisites of the Clean Water Act of 1987 and for the EPA to carry out their related mandated duties. Water organizations throughout our country should also begin to engage the interest of their members in this vital subject. Everyone, who has had any experience with AD in a family lives in fear of contracting the disease, which is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. AD is not due to heredity; it is the result of infectious disease resulting from drinking water contaminated by HP. It is also amazing that very few articles mention the source of Amyloid, the acknowledged cause of AD. The same may be said for HP. It is also a rare article in US medical journals that mention the source of HP in water. HP is endemic in the intestine of migratory-fowl, and is the source of all disease produced in humans caused by HP infection.

Even our government does not exhibit knowledge of the source, prevention or course of the various diseases caused by HP. Water testing for HP by our water utilities is available and treatment is also available by Chlorine or Chloramine, when water tests are positive for HP. Geese produce an average of one pound of feces per day. The water-fowl migrate in large groupings. A thousand birds in one reservoir is not uncommon. That adds up to 1000 pounds of feces, containing HP, added to reservoir water daily. If a person were asked to drink E-coli containing water, he/she would refuse. However, if served water contaminated with HP, the natural reaction would be “the government certainly takes care of that”. Japan and China, which has suffered from the highest rates of cancers of the stomach, have recently started programs of prevention to combat their problem. Since there is no treament available for AD, and none on the horizon for several years, a responsible government must move to begin a prevention program as soon as possible. The future of our country depends on rational understanding of new problems. My bLogs and this article relects a shadow of the impending catastrophe that this worldwide epidemic is bringing. We are wasting valuable time seeking the improbable, while the causative agent, which can be eradicated, is in plain sight.