HP Contamination and its affect on Alzheimers

The International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) held in Paris June 2011, had little to report regarding treatment, cure or prevention. The lack of any real progress is disappointing to families and patients with AD.

I have followed the Helicobacter pylori (HP) discovery since 1982, when Dr. Graham, President of the ACG, read the paper from Doctors Warren and MarshaLL, that reported the original discovery and method of culture of HP. They were presented With the Noble prize in Medicine in 1985. The cause of gastritis, peptic ulcers, and cancer of the stomach was confirmed to be HP infection. My continued interest in HP has led me to conclude after many years of research, that the cause of Alzheimer’s disease has been lying in plain sight. Amyloid has been proven to be the sticky substance deposited in the brain, the cause of dementia. We have known for a very long time that chronic infection stimulates a process that creates amyloid. That fact was known long before we had antibiotics, which were developed in the early 1940’s. After the discovery of antibiotics, many chronic infections disappeared. When methods allowing study of the human genome , and special apparatus became available, the structure of the many protein fractions that make up amyloid became the focus of research.

Meanwhile, several universities, such as Penn State, MIT, and even EPA reported that a high percentage of reservoirs were contaminated with HP, but very little interest was generated.
Nevertheless, hidden in plain site, were flocks of migratory fowl living on the surface of our reservoirs and ponds and bringing with them HP. HP has been found by researchers worldwide in the feces of migratory geese. They deposit a pound a day, per goose, of HP bearing feces into our reservoirs.
Authorities have labeled HP as a Class-1 Carcinogen, causing chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, and cancers of the stomach. Gastritis and ulcers are treated now with antibiotics.

Even though HP is a carcinogen, we still do not test our drinking water for HP which has been demonstrated to be susceptible to chlorine and related products.

I have spoken to authorities at the EPA who advised me that the EPA may be unable to require testing and treatment of our drinking water for a few more years. They cited lack of personnel, money and legal wrangling which has restricted the EPA from carrying out its mandated duties. (NYTimes,February 28, 2010). The consequence of the legal wrangling has interfered with EPA duties. As a result we do not have an effective policy in place to control HP infection.

Our President has recently appointed a 20 person commission to find a solution for prevention and treatment of AD in the next ten years!

The cause of AD results from a chronic infectious gastritis, almost always present with HP infection, often with very few symptoms, but which stimulates non-infected tissue in the stomach wall to produce amyloid. Upon initiation of the process which affects cells surrounding the infected tissues, amyloid begins to discharge tiny droplets of protein into the blood stream. These amyloid precursors may infiltrate into several organs, as well as the brain, where it causes fibrils and plaques of amyloid resulting in AD.
Although, we have less AD than undeveloped countries, we still have 5.4 million patients with AD, at present, and the number is steadily growing. Other countries such as China and Japan have had very high rates of peptic ulcers and stomach cancer and recently started a program to prevent HP infection. We know from many studies, that clean water has saved more lives than pharmaceuticals. We need action by public foundations and Alzheimer’s organizations to compel our agencies to fulfill their duties. Prevention, is by far, the most effective way to control the AD epidemic, and end the fear of families that AD is inevitable and is a disease of heredity and aging. It is neither. It is an infectious disease and preventable.


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