About the Helicobacter Pylori bacterium

While doctors know that Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is caused by Beta-Amyloid deposits in the brain, few seem to remember that Amyloid has been known for decades to be a product of chronically infected tissue. More billions have already been spent in search of genes that somehow mutate or cause mutation in other genes or cells, and somehow form Beta-Amyloid. So far, none have been found. Very few articles in leading medical journals ever mention the known source of amyloid or even the chronic infections that are known to cause Amyloid formation.

Even fewer ever mention the likely chronic infection that is producing Amyloid.  Although doctors have known about peptic ulcers and gastritis for many years, it was only in 1982, that two doctors in Australia proved that a bacterium, Helicobacter Pylori (HP) was the cause. They received the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1985 for this major discovery. Their discovery led to the discovery that HP colonized the wall of the stomach causing gastritis. This infection becomes chronic and is generally overlooked, although it can be easily detected with a blood or breathing test and treated with antibiotics.  Almost no medical articles describe the source of HP.  Bacteriologists have known that HP, a Class-1 Carcinogen, is a common inhabitant of the intestines of water fowl and they are the principal source of HP pollution of water supplies throughout the world. The EPA and CDC have tested water supplies in the U.S. and found  HP in most reservoirs and wells. None of the water boards contacted along the Eastern seaboard test for HP simply because it is not required by regulatory agencies. Since 1982, it has also been established that HP is the principal cause of Cancer of the Stomach along with chronic infectious gastritis and peptic ulcers. Chronically infected tissue may cause Amyloid and researchers in Europe found that a high percentage of patients wit AD have positive tests for HP. It confirms the recent finding by Pet scans that enable confirmation of Beta-Amyloid deposits in the brain. This new approach found that in a group of about 35 patients suspected of AD, about 65% were confirmed. The remainder apparently had depressions and memory problems from other causes. The number of confirmed cases were 65%, which is the same percentage found by positive blood tests for HP in the European study.

The conclusion is that we have been overlooking  chronic infection caused by HP, which retains a lifelong presence until eradicated. Gastritis may lie dormant with or without symptoms. The results of this study exposes the need to promote prevention, The use of the simple, inexpensive blood or breathing test should become a routine part of every “comprehensive” examination, and importantly we should require that water supplies be routinely tested for HP pollution The treatment with Chlorine is known to be effective. It is necessary to understand that the future for AD  remains bleak without a new approach. Five million people in The U.S. are known to have AD at present with increasing numbers of sufferers as our population grows. The worldwide numbers are even more frightening. Worldwide, 50% of people are claimed to chronic HP infection.


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